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Jan 12, 2022
3 min read

From Single Issues to a real Couple Goals

Our second IVF consultation. Finding the best way of ART.

Mission completed: we got all the needed preparation tests done, and all data uploaded to the app for the 2nd consultation. It looks like our doctor even had time to check on them, because upon entering his office, I could see a folder with our names on it, and filled with printed documents. We officially have our IVF documentation.

"Does my age matter? The simple answer is: YES."

I built up so many scenarios in my mind which directions we can take from here. Being super confident at a moment, and feeling completely clueless at another. It feels like being a little girl, who is looking for an adult for help.

Let’s start with the good news (I always prefer it this way). Based on my blood test result I am very healthy, just need a bit of Vitamin D boost. Actually, I didn’t know that Vitamin D plays a key role in fertility, and its optimal level is essential for both female and male reproductive functions. My womb, and uterus lining looks perfect as well, ready to be a great home for our baby. My period is regular, and I have ovulation (which is one of the most important things). The tests didn’t find any diseases, so we got the green light for our fertility treatment.

My hormone levels look great as well. We are going to check on them a few times during the IVF cycle. Because as the doctor explains to me, our hormones have their special ‘dance’ during our menstrual cycle. All of them have to do their special moves at the right time. If everything happens according to the choreography, the performance will be great.

The only one hormone on the report, which level doesn’t change during this period, is the Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH). It gives information about how many potential eggs we have left for our fertile years. This also helps to answer one of the most common questions: Does my age matter? The simple answer is: YES. My AMH level is 0.732 ng/ml now, which if I compare to my level six year ago (2.41ng/mL), shows a huge drop. I won’t lie, it shocked me, and made me realize if I really want to have a child, I don’t have more time to waste.

The doctor asked me to undergo a fallopian tube test. Unfortunately, the result is still the same as 6 years ago, both of them are completely blocked. Meaning: because of the blockage, my eggs won’t be able to meet the sperms, and get fertilized. It also means that IUI (intra-uterine insemination) won’t be a solution for us (it can work with normal tube functions only).

So, we have two options left: (no1) laparoscopic surgery, and trying to unblock my tubes; or (no2) IVF.

With laparoscopy the surgeon can try to unblock the tubes by removing scars or damaged parts of the fallopian. When I ask the doctor about the chance of success, his bet is at 50-50, because we don’t have information about the cause of the blockage. BUT before making my decision, he advises to consider one more factor: the result of the semen analyses.

My husband’s result is not a disaster (he had seen lots of IVF success stories with a lot worse spermiogram), but his sperms are not as tip-top as they used to be many years ago, when he became a father of three amazing daughters. Even if we were able to unblock my fallopians, it wouldn’t be easy for us to conceive naturally.

As the doctor said: from now on, both of us play an important role in our fertility story.

The summary of our consultation:

Considering my AMH level, my husband’s sperm situation, and the fact that both of my fallopians are blocked, our best way to go is IVF. We are great candidates; the doctor cannot see any reason which should worry us. He asks us to contact and visit him again on the 2nd day of my next period, when we are going to start the stimulation, and our first IVF cycle.

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