Smart Fertility
Treatment Guide
and Planner

Smart and Secure Mobile App
The Leeaf Mobile App is a smart and secure fertility treatment guide and planner that empowers women by providing them ownership of their medical information and enabling them to keep track of their unique fertility journey, ultimately creating a more positive experience of any ART journey.


Store all fertility related
information in one place

The Leeaf Patient App enables users to store all of their fertility and health-related information in one place and makes it accessible to them and their physician - anywhere, anytime.

Personal Fertility
Treatment Guide

The Leeaf Mobile App accompanies patients on their fertility journey and reduces uncertainty by providing step-by-step guidance throughout the entire treatment process and individual stimulation protocols. The calendar function allows patients to log appointments and set medication reminders to reduce stress and comfort users.

Source of expert knowledge

The Leeaf Hub provides free access to expert opinions, health and fertility insights, as well as lifestyle and nutrition recommendations to improve fertility health before, throughout, and after treatment.

Independent opinion

Through the Leeaf Mobile App, users can request an independent opinion on their fertility health status anytime throughout their fertility journey based exclusively on the data provided by them.

Grow your family

If you are interested in becoming part of a rapidly evolving, therapeutic, transformative, and life-changing ecosystem, we invite you to become part of the Leeaf community.
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