Enable Fertility
Treatment Efficiency

Leeaf delivers seamless technological solutions to fertility challenges and enables efficiency in fertility treatment selection through the digitization of core medical processes between patient and clinic.
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The Leeaf
Physician Portal

To grow fertility treatment success rates, the Leeaf Physician Portal couples the functionalities of EMR and clinic workflow improvement tools with error prevention and decision supporting functionalities. Our cloud-based platform unlocks the power of medical data for the benefit of reproduction and enables physicians, fertility specialists, and clinics to couple years of hands-on experience with an uncompromised layer of global patient health information and the analysis there of.
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The Leeaf
Mobile App

The Leeaf Patient App allows patients to keep track of their fertility health, treatment process, and stimulation protocols while connecting clinic and patient in real-time. Data accumulated on a daily basis provides physicians with meaningful insights to make more informed decisions about following treatment procedures.


Efficiency Enabling
Decision Support System

Leeaf enables clinics to treat patients more effectively and efficiently, resulting in a greater treatment success, lower patient drop-out rates as well as an increased patient count.

Data and AI-driven Insights

Data collected by clinics across countries enhanced by our proprietary data and AI-based insights will result in a more customer-centric approach, more efficient decision-making as well as the formulation of benchmarked and more effective ART treatment plans.

Meaningful Data Collection

Leeaf provides physicians and clinics with a broad spectrum of accumulated patient medical and lifestyle information, allowing them to leverage the sum of available historic patient data to formulate individual and highly sophisticated infertility treatment suggestions.

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