About Leeaf

At Leeaf, we seek to disrupt existing patterns in female health care and contribute our part to
a future where women benefit from personalized health care tailored to their individual needs.


Our mission is to positively impact the conception journey by delivering tailored fertility treatment recommendations to doctor and patient based on big data analysis and AI.


We strive to develop an efficiency enabling digital solution that empowers fertility treatments and supports patients on an artificial reproduction journey to successfully conceive, ideally needing two cycles or less.

Founder's Story

Read our Founder's Story on our blog to find out what motivated our founder
and how Leeaf came to life.
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Management team

Olga Chabr Grillova


Lucie Borovickova

Head of Data Science

Bohuslav Lichnovsky

Head of Legal and Data Protection

Scientific Board

Associate Prof. Rita Vassena, DVM, PhD.
Clínica EUGIN (ES)
Prof. Gabor L. Kovacs, M.D.
Chairman of the Leeaf Scientific Board
Szentagothai Research Center University of Pecs (HU)
Prof. Ivana Oborna, PhD.
Fetmed (CZ)
Assoc. Prof. Glenn L. Schattman, M.D.
Weill Cornell Medicine (US)
Dr. Nabil Aziz, M.D.
Spire Liverpool Hospital (UK)
Dr. Francisco Anaya Blanes, M.D.
UR La Vega Alicante (ES)


At Leeaf, we strive to innovate through science utilizing modern technology transparently and ethically.

Our research contributes to the field of artificial reproduction through dedicated research projects as well as independent, standardized, and anonymized data collection.

To contribute to the improvement of fertility treatment outcomes on a larger scale, the Leeaf research team is currently conducting a study to verify the effectiveness of data and AI-driven treatment personalization in increasing pregnancy and take-home baby rates for infertile couples.

Simultaneously, our continuous data collection seeks to reveal how lifestyle changes initiated and tracked through women‘s lifestyle wearables impact IVF results.

Principles of Ethical AI

Leeaf’s Ethical AI Principles are based on the latest thought leadership of global technology and consulting companies. We acknowledge that algorithms augment the capabilities of doctors to produce better results,
together. Final decision making stays with the patient and should always be based on doctors' treatment
guidance and approval. The data provided always belongs to the patient, with algorithms and technology 
remaining transparent, explainable, fair, and auditable at any time.