2023, August, Prague

Dr. Francisco Anaya Blanes, M.D.

Our Leeaf Scientific Board is made up of exceptional medical scholars and practitioners from around thew world, who oversee our ongoing research endeavours to ensures the required level of medical expertise.

We are delighted to introduce Dr. Francisco Anaya Blanes, M.D., an experienced gynaecologist and medical professional in the field of Gynecology and Obstetrics. Dr. Anaya currently serves as the Medical Director of the Reproduction Unit of the La Vega Hospital in Murcia and is in charge of the surgical area in the Reproduction Unit of the Vistahermosa Clinic.

“What motivated me to join Leeaf was that your project seemed very ambitious and the proposed study sounded incredibly interesting, and I did not want my clinic to miss out on this opportunity. I believe that when we finish the study it will have been a fascinating experience for all of us and our clinics may have had the opportunity to contribute to the application of AI to the field of reproductive medicine,” says Dr. Anaya Blanes.

2023, July, Prague

Dr. Rita Vassena, DVM, PhD

Leeaf has assembled a Scientific Board made up of exceptional medical scholars and practitioners from across the globe to oversee ongoing research endeavours and ensure the necessary level of expertise. Today, we are delighted to introduce Leeaf Scientific Board member Dr. Rita Vassena, DVM, PhD.

Dr. Vassena is an experienced professional in human reproduction with an extensive research and publication record in the field of male and female fertility and reproduction. Dr. Vassena is the CEO of Fecundis, a technology company focusing on improving fertility treatment success through sperm enhancing technologies. In the past, Dr. Vassena has served as the General Scientific Director of the Grupo EUGIN and was on the Executive Committee of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

"I choose the projects that I collaborate with based on the commitment of the company with evidence-based solutions, on the generation of solid data and high quality products, and on the potential impact that they can have on the patient fertility journey. I have found all these characteristics in Leeaf and I am very happy to lend my expertise to this endeavor,” states Dr. Vassena.

2023, June, Prague

Dr. Nabil Aziz, M.D. FRCOG

To oversee ongoing research endeavours and ensure the necessary level of expertise, Leeaf has assembled a Scientific Board made up of exceptional medical scholars and practitioners from across the globe. Today, we are excited to introduce Leeaf Scientific Board member Dr. Nabil Aziz, M.D. FRCOG.

Dr. Aziz is a consultant in gynaecology and reproductive medicine at Spire Liverpool Hospital, and a Fellow of the Royal college of Obstetrician and Gynaecologists, and served as a co-director of the British Andrology Society from 2012 until 2020. He has special interest in reproductive endocrinology including the polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Dr. Aziz's doctorate degree focused on the impact of sperm morphology on the outcome of in vitro fertilisation. Furthermore, he devised the technique of Sperm deformity index (SDI) to predict the fertility potential of the Male, which was adopted by The World Health Organisation in its laboratory manual on the assessment of sperm. Dr. Aziz established the concept of Satellite IVF in the UK.

As a clinician, Dr. Aziz has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility in both men and women, including Assisted Reproductive techniques. He has published more than 80 scientific papers, abstracts, and book chapters and has co-authored four books on the clinical management of fertility problems in women and men.

“Leeaf is undertaking scientific research to build a larger and more comprehensive data set than ever before to develop a clinical tool that will reshape IVF by personalising the treatment according to each patient’s needs,” explains Dr. Aziz.
2023, May, Prague

Prof. Ivana Oborna, M.D., PhD

Our Leeaf Scientific Board is made up of exceptional medical scholars and practitioners from across the globe who oversee our ongoing research endeavours and ensure the necessary level of expertise. Today, we are happy to introduce Prof. Ivana Oborna, M.D., PhD, member of our Leeaf Scientific Board.

Dr. Oborna, emeritus professor of medicine, gynaecologist and infertility specialist by training, joined Leeaf in 2021. Her clinical interest in reproductive medicine gradually led her to research in this field. Together with our Co-Founder and Co-CEO Jan Choma, Dr. Oborna has designed Leeaf’s prospective observational research study of biomarkers for a personalised IVF treatment. She presents Leeaf to physicians and medical professionals, and facilitatesIVF clinic cooperation and partnerships.

“Leeaf has designed a system that seeks to enhance infertility treatment through modern technology. As I am highly interested in new technologies and their potential utilisation in human reproduction, our cooperation was a perfect match” explains Dr. Oborna.
2023, April, Prague

Quarterly Business Review by Co-CEO

Leeaf has accomplished significant milestones in product development, research, and business expansion during the first quarter of 2023, as the company commences multicentric international research study, on-boards clinics across Europe and launches out white-label mobile app.

“The beginning of this year has been exceptionally busy for Leeaf. I am glad to confirm that our product development, solution implementation and research efforts are on track. We have on-boarded the first clinics in the Czech republic and Spain and are expecting product adoption across clinics in Hungary and the US. Leeaf has gained valuable recognition in the IVF community, which has attracted new IVF specialists to our scientific board. Last but not least, we have introduced our Partnership Alliance and have forged a global partnership with DHL Express Global to ensure the safe delivery of human research samples for our international research study'' says Olga Chabr Grillova, Leeaf Co-CEO.

In January, under the supervision of the eight member Scientific Board, Leeaf has commenced their international comprehensive research study in the Czech republic and Spain to collect high quality prospective data that will help investigate factors affecting fertility and the outcomes of ovarian stimulation for IVF.

In February, Leeaf successfully rolled-out their decision supporting IVF treatment platform at clinics in the Czech Republic and Spain, with clinics from Hungary and the US expected to follow next quarter. Supporting doctors and clinics in patient administration, a proprietary CRM system and consent management functions have been added to the Physician Portal. Payment processing and consultation booking are currently in development.

In March, Leeaf has launched the white label mobile app solution to enhance treatment management for physicians and further digitize the patient fertility journey. Furthermore, users can now import data from lifestyle wearables directly into the Leeaf app to enrich their patient profile with additional health information.

Finally, the Leeaf team has attended numerous health innovation and assisted reproduction conventions over the past three months, such as the 2023 Reproductive Health Innovation Summit in Boston (US), to grow the Leeaf Partnership Alliance through new partnerships and business relations that will support expansion efforts across Europe and the US.
2023, April, Prague

Associate Prof. Dr. Glenn L. Schattman, M.D., FACOG, member of the Leeaf Scientific Board

​​Our Leeaf Scientific Board comprises exceptional medical scholars and practitioners from across the globe who ensure the necessary level of expertise and oversee our ongoing research endeavors. Today, we are excited to introduce our Leeaf scientific board member Associate Prof. Dr. Glenn L. Schattman, M.D., FACOG, renowned reproductive endocrinologist, infertility specialist, a world-class reproductive surgeon and one of the leaders in the field of assisted reproductive technologies and fertility preservation at Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York, USA. 

Dr. Schattman has served as Chairperson of the SART Practice Committee and as a member on the ASRM practice committee developing clinical guidelines used by reproductive endocrinologists in the USA to help guide best practices. He served on the Executive Council of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART),and in 2012 was elected as President of SART. He has authored numerous articles and textbook chapters, and lectures both nationally and internationally on a wide range of topics in reproductive medicine.

“I was excited to join the LEEAF Scientific Board as we have experience with the benefits of AI in reproductive medicine. We utilise the embryo scope for morphokinetic evaluation of embryo development and use AI algorithms to assess the developmental capacity of each individual embryo. This has allowed us to provide personalised care to patients to improve outcomes based on individualised treatment planning. My goal as a clinician is to provide the best possible outcome for my patients as well as to ensure they have the best experience during this stressful time in their lives” says Dr. Schattman.
2023, January, Prague

Prof. Dr. Gabor L. Kovacs, M.D., chairman of our Leeaf Scientific Board

Composed of distinguished medical scholars and practitioners from around the world, the Leeaf Scientific Board supervises our ongoing research efforts and ensures the required level of expertise. Today, we are proud to introduce Prof. Dr. Gabor L. Kovacs, M.D., chairman of our Leeaf scientific board.

Dr. Kovacs is a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the founding president of the Szentagothai Research Center at the University of Pecs (HU). He is the scientific leader of the National Laboratory on Human Reproduction and has released numerous scientific publications, with areas of research including laboratory medicine, endocrinology, clinical medicine as well as general health sciences. Dr. Kovacs's current scientific interest lies in the innovative diagnostic biomarker research of human reproduction.

"At this point, my own scientific interest and those of Leeaf have met each other to positively impact the conception by delivering innovative fertility diagnostics and treatment recommendations to doctors and patients," says Dr. Kovasc.
2023, January, Prague

Leeaf conducts prospective observational research study

Starting January 2023, Leeaf is conducting a prospective, multi-centric, international research study with richer than ever four-dimensional patient data (medical, lifestyle, environmental, and genetic) to allow scientists to look deeper into factors that may influence the outcomes of controlled ovarian stimulation.

Building on several previously completed scientific studies on artificial intelligence in IVF, this observational study collects data to develop and fine-tune Leeaf’s algorithms, which will support IVF specialists in treatment selection through the Leeaf Physician Portal. The subsequent randomised control trial (RCT) will prove the efficacy of the proposed algorithms and models. First observations will be available in March, with first conclusions expected by the end of June.

To date, Leeaf has assembled an international scientific board consisting of high-profile IVF experts across the Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States to oversee the strategic direction of Leeaf's research efforts.

The study is conducted under the supervision of Jan Choma, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Leeaf, who oversees research activities and coordinates the medical and scientific boards.

Reach out to Jan to join our study at
2022, December, Prague

Leeaf among 2022 Top 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch

Leeaf has been recognized as one of the Top "20 Most innovative Companies to Watch" by Business Worldwide Magazine, a leading source of business and dealmaker intelligence.

It is an honor to receive such public recognition for our data-driven fertility health platform and it is a great motivation for our team of developers and product designers who work incredibly hard every day to refine our efficient decision supportive tool.

Leeaf has been featured in several media outlets:
TechDog -
Yahoo Finance -
Seeking Alpha -
2022, November, Lisbon/Prague

Leeaf among Top 200 companies to watch at Websummit 2022

We are greatly honoured that Leeaf was recognised as one of the Top 200 companies to watch during the 2022 Websummit in Lisbon, Portugal.

Among 2 296 attending start-ups we were recognized as one of the most aspiring companies to watch and invited to an exclusive networking event, the Gathering, to meet with with like-minded tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.
To us, this recognition confirms that our hard work and the every-day effort that we put into developing our solution pays off and that we are headed into the right direction.

It has been an honor to receive such recognition for our data-driven fertility health platform and we will continue building our efficient decision supportive tool to guide patients globally on their fertility journey and support physicians in treatment selection.

In the meantime, we hope to meet many of you at the Fertility Conference - Reproduction in an aging world in Belfast, UK in January 11th-14th 2023.

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2021, October, London/Prague

Partnership between the European Fertility Society and Leeaf

We are pleased to announce the formed partnership between the European Fertility Society ( and Leeaf. The focus of this partnership is to create an educational platform for patients and physicians to derive from rich, diverse and clinical lifestyle data that is being processed by algorithms and the latest advances in AI (artificial intelligence) technologies. AI has made significant advances over the last years; specifically in the healthcare sector with use cases ranging from medical image recognition to AI supported diagnostic tools. Leeaf is taking it a step further with AI, prescribing hyper personalized treatments for IVF patients that serve as transparent and explainable decision supporting tool for IVF physicians. It is also hyper personalized for physician and clinics to ensure real life situations are taken into account.


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