Leeaf AI Ethical Principles

Leeaf’s Mission
Provide IVF patients and IVF physicians with decision supporting tools (DSTs) to increase IVF treatment success rate, decrease health risks and costs
Leeaf’s Ambition

Decrease the average number of cycles needed to conceive through ART by one – from 2,7 to 1,7 and make IVF treatment more accessible for 186m individuals facing infertility globally

Leeaf’s Approach
Leeaf combines a doctor's know-how and experiences with algorithms to produce better results

Leeaf’s Algorithms

Leeaf uses two types of algorithms – rule based and AI based – that work together to ensure scientific and clinical validity augmented by data and AI to provide hyper-personalization.

Rule based algorithms draw on IVF clinical procedures, regulatory guidelines, research papers, physicians know-how and experiences to produce individualized treatment plans (ITP).
AI based algorithms draw on patient’s data – historical and current – to fine-tune ITP and produce individualized stimulation protocol (ISP) including medications, dosage, medical check-ups etc.

Leeaf’s Data

Leeaf uses patient's medical and lifestyle data - historical and current - to feed algorithms in order to produce personalized treatment options for both patient and her physician. This empowers women to actively participate in their IVF treatment which is based on data and transparent technology. This also provides physicians with treatment options with reasons derived from data and science to prevent biases and allow for safe application of novel treatments.

Leeaf’s Ethical AI Principles are based on the latest thought leadership of global technology and consulting companies

Leeaf’s Ethical AI Principles

  1. Algorithms, rule based and AI, augment doctor’s capabilities.

  2. It’s always doctors and algorithms working together that produce better results.

  3. The doctor will always have the final say – the decision belongs to the patient and approved by her doctor.

  4. The data belongs to the patient.

  5. Algorithms and technology must be transparent following the below principles:

Human autonomy
Bias avoidance

Additional advantages

We are forming LEAIC to comply with the highest moral standards and to allow for transparency and auditability of Leeaf’s algorithms and technology.


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