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Dec 20, 2021
3 min read

Become a Pro at getting your test and examinations

How to be effective with scheduling your tests and examinations for your second IVF consultation.

We were given a lot to do before our second IVF consultation. As the doctor said, we can only schedule our next appointment when we have all our test results. Our next goal is: getting all the tests done before my next period, and start our IVF treatment by my next menstrual cycle.

"It’s clear that all the scheduling has to be around my period, because some of the examinations can be done only on specific days of my cycle. "

Both of us are on a tight working schedule, so we have to be as effective as possible, and act as pros. We don’t want to wait an additional month to start our journey, so we are going to do our very best.

Deadline of getting all the results in our hands: 5 days before my next period (reason: the treatment starts on the 1st or 2nd day of menstruation).

Here is our To-Do list (yours can be different, it depends on your personal story):

  • a complete blood test for me
  • blood test for my husband
  • checking on my hormone levels
  • PAP (smear) test
  • Cervix ultrasound scan
  • Examination of vaginal discharge
  • mammography
  • semen analysis
  • and the fallopian tube test

It’s clear that all the scheduling has to be around my period, because some of the examinations can be done only on specific days of my cycle.

Step No1: I set up an event for all the tests needed in the Leeaf app, but I haven’t scheduled any specific date or time yet.

Step No2: I called all the doctors and clinics which we need help from, and asked for information about:

  • how long the result is going to take,
  • how fast we can get an appointment,
  • if there is any preferred day (of my period) to take the examination.

Step No3: Based on the information from the clinics, we set up our optimal schedule:

  • My hormonal checkup must be on Day2 or Day3 of my period. Good news: I can do it together with my complete blood test. The result can take up-to 7 days, but it’s easy to get an appointment. It’s enough if I call them when my period starts, and make an appointment for the next day. I will schedule it for Day2. Good news no2: My husband can get the blood test done on the same day.
  • HyCoSy (fallopian tube test): it's best to schedule it between Day5 and Day10 of my menstrual cycle (to make sure that I’m not pregnant). I will get the result right after the examination. I will schedule it for Day5 on the 1st day of my period. (It could be done together with the PAP test, but as I have a fresh result, I don’t have to redo.)
  • Semen analysis can be done any time, but the result can take up to 10 days. Important to remember: no sex for 4 days (not less, not more) before the exam.
  • Mammography: I need this test because I am above age 35. It’s recommended to do it by the beginning of the period. I am going to receive the result immediately. I will schedule it for Day10.
  • Cervix scan must be done after ovulation (immediate result). It can be done together with the vaginal discharge exam (I have to wait 5-7 days for the result). I will schedule these for Day18.

Step No4: I grouped together the tests which can be done together in the Leeaf app, and added all the extra given information to them as notes.

Step No5: I have to wait for the 1st day of my period and call all the clinics/doctors and book all my appointments in advance.

Step No6: Set the dates and time for all the tests in the app.

It looks like all can be done in time. ☺

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