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Mar 30, 2022
3 min read

Lifestyle changes for male fertility and health sperm

It’s time to take our part of the fertility journey: let’s boost the little guys.

There are very few men left on the planet who don't need any help to boost their fertility. I am not one of them, so I decided to do as much as possible to improve my sperms’ health. I am going to have very little to do during our IVF program compared to my wife, so this is the least I can do to increase our chance of success.

"With any positive changes, we can do a lot to consciously improve our fertility."

Let’s continue to learn more factors which can affect the health of our sperms and male fertility.

  1. Ideal weight: Both too much and too little fat have a negative effect on hormone production, and sperm health and count. Moreover, in overweight men, fat pads warm the testicles, and as we learned, sperms don’t like heat. Weight is something that we cannot change overnight. Making a significant and healthy change on it, can take months (sometimes even years). Losing or gaining weight should be part of a well-planned preparation. I have 4-5kg extra weight on me, and it is impossible to lose (in a healthy way) in 4 weeks (at least for me).
  1. Caffeine: The most popular stimulant. That's how I start the day every morning. But keep in mind that energy drinks and cola also contain caffeine. Funnily caffeine can be a double-sharp weapon. In a small amount it stimulates sperm production in small amounts. Great news! However, in larger quantities, it can be one of the causes of sperm deterioration, and also can reduce its quantity. Another important fact that is important to remember, that beverages that contain caffeine, have diuretic effects and may cause dehydration, which is not good at all when we try to conceive. I am a coffee lover but fortunately I am not a big fan of energy and soft drinks. So, it will be easy for me to be a good boy on this.
  1. Exercise: Sport is one of the best things in the world if you do it within normal limits. It relieves tension (so you can reduce stress), creates good conditions, and makes you balanced. It can help you reach your ideal weight as well. But you don't want to be Schwarzenegger for now. Do not touch anabolic steroids, muscle and weight gainers. Firstly, your testicle can get smaller (you will look stupid), secondly, you can even reset your sperm count with them.
  1. Toxins: Unfortunately, improper nutrition already delivers a lot of toxins into our bodies. We can come into contact with many toxins at work and home (solvents, cleaners, pesticides) as well. Try to avoid them if it is not possible, or at least use appropriate protective equipment.

Obviously, there are many things listed above that are difficult to change. These are just some important factors – at least - to be aware of. With any positive changes we can do a lot to consciously improve our fertility. And if we were “accidentally” keeping these lifestyle changes for the long term and living healthier by the way, we could hold not only our own child, but hopefully even our grandchildren in our hands. Is it enough motivation? Is there more motivation than that?

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