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Jan 03, 2022
3 min read

The day the IVF world grabbed me

A normal reaction of a healthy man: Is everything fine with me or not?

As I mentioned before, our IVF specialist didn’t give me too many things to do. The doctor gave me referrals for a blood test and the semen analysis. Two tests only, which compared to my wife’s list, was nothing.

"I won’t lie: the result hit me hard, and it was almost unbelievable for me."

Blood tests are needed for men to know if they don’t have any infectious diseases, such as HIV, hepatitis, HPV, syphilis, etc. It’s just a normal blood test, easy, nothing to worry about.

I didn’t make a big deal about the sperm test either. I knew that everything was fine with me. My confidence was based on a very strong fact. At the age of 47, I am a father to three amazing, healthy, smart, beautiful girls. I don’t need better evidence, that I am the masterpiece of creation. I couldn't see why I could not do what I have done 23, 19 and 10 years ago. (Of course, it did not even cross my mind that many years passed.) So, I was absolutely ready for testing.

The semen or sperm analysis needed a bit of preparation. The instruction was “3-7 days abstinence”. Doing a bit research, I found that not having sex for 4-5 days can bring us the best result (if you keep the guys inside longer or shorter it can affect negatively the result). Cheating is not allowed either (you know what I mean, when no one can see you). You have to remember these rules when giving the sample for the fertilization later as well.

My wife asked me to drink plenty of water for one week prior to the test. We all know drinking enough water is essential to keep our organs, and cells functioning properly. So, it makes sense that it has the same effect on our reproductive cells: the sperms. Semen production can be reduced by not drinking enough water and causing dehydration; the semen can get thicker, and the sperms may have trouble swimming. I increased my water intake to 3 liters per day.

The day the big test arrived. I proudly produced the sample for the semen analysis as the doctor asked me to do, and I was waiting for the result without any fear or worry.

The next day I received my result via email. My numbers were not exactly what I hoped for. I jumped on my laptop, hoping that my best friend Google would help me out and I would find written evidence that my numbers might not be great but at least acceptable. “Every man kindles the fire below his own pot”, so do I. I started to create my own explanations: it’s not even so bad, it's just ‘sometimes’ a bit different than the normal numbers. The room at the Clinic was not the most ideal environment for this kind of activity either, and it must have had an effect on the result as well. If you would have been there, you would know what I mean…

I won’t lie: the result hit me hard, and it was almost unbelievable for me. On one hand, I tried to accept it, but on the other hand, I really hoped the doctor would tell me that my result is not as bad as it looks.

This was the day when the world of IVF grabbed me. I still tried to believe that everything is fine with me, and that the doctor would tell me something that can put my ego back into the ‘masterpiece of creation’ stage. But deep down, I knew that it is not only about ‘my wife’s issue’ anymore, but about mine as well. This was one more thing that would make us stronger.

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