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Leeaf Life
Sep 18, 2023
1 min read

Leeaf Spearheads Strategic Alliances at Women's Health Innovation Summit in Boston, USA

This week, Leeaf CEO Olga Chabr Grillova attended the annual Women's Health Innovation Summit in Boston, US, an event accelerating innovation, research and partnerships to improve the access and quality of healthcare for women worldwide. 

The event brought together global women's health industry leaders and offered uncomparable networking opportunities to facilitate partnership and investment opportunities for Leeaf.

“Leeaf connects science and technology and translates research into actionable steps - in real time. I met with leaders in IVF and fertility - doctors, clinics, and investors - who all showed exceptional interest in our solution. They were particularly excited about the data-based and research-backed approach that we have taken - by improving diagnostics and decision making during IVF treatment, we actively contribute to  eliminating fertility issues and solving infertility for future generations” says Olga.

As Leeaf is on-boarding US clinics and expanding their research efforts overseas, the Scientific Board expects preliminary results of their multi-centric study in the second half of 2023.

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