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Sep 21, 2023
2 min read

Leeaf product news Q32023

As we mark the end of yet another quarter, it's time to review the past few months and reveal upcoming advancements in product development.

“The Leeaf Physician Portal looks better than ever. We are advancing with product development as planned and I am confident that we will reach our milestones for 2023 before the end of the year,” affirms Leeaf CEO Olga Chabr Grillova.

Below is an overview of our most remarkable achievements and a sneak peek into the exciting developments on the horizon.

Summary of Achievements

1. Enhanced Security and Control

Our team has successfully tackled the challenge of multi-clinic chains and shared personnel across multiple clinics. This feature empowers Leeaf to assign specific rights and permissions to individual portal users, hence simplifying the lives of clinic personnel while maintaining a high level of security. Notably, a single user can now possess permissions across multiple clinics and organisations, streamlining operations and data protection.

2. Streamlined Data Collection

The introduction of the Form Editor empowers clinics to effortlessly create and manage various forms, from onboarding questionnaires to patient anamnesis, through a user-friendly web interface. These forms can seamlessly be shared with patients via our mobile app, reducing manual workload and improving data collection efficiency.

3. Effortless Communication & Scheduling

Our Leeaf communication module combines online messaging with coherent appointment scheduling. Patients can access medical records, test results, and communicate with their fertility center effortlessly. Real-time scheduling coordination is now at your fingertips.

What is coming next?

Stimulation Protocol Mastery

Our upcoming Stimulation Protocol module empowers physicians with personalized stimulation protocols templates, real-time monitoring of medication compliance, optimized medication dosage, and smart treatment recommendations, ensuring patients stay on track throughout their IVF treatments. Advanced algorithms are in development to analyze patient data and recommend protocols with the highest confidence for positive treatment outcomes. 

Digital Consent Workflow

We have addressed the issue of multiple in-person consent forms. Our solution will streamline the entire consent process, from creation to approval, ensuring KYC verification and saving time and resources for both clinics and patients.

“The Leeaf Physician Portal looks better than ever. We are advancing with product development as planned and I am confident that will reach all our milestones for 2023 before the end of the year," concludes Olga.

We're committed to advancing IVF patient care, and we can't wait to share these innovations with you. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey to make a meaningful difference in the world of fertility treatments.

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