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Leeaf Life
Sep 13, 2023
1 min read

Leeaf enhances fertility health insights with OURA

To enhance your Leeaf experience, Leeaf now integrates with Oura Health, leading provider of wearable technology, to create lifestyle-enriched patient profiles and deliver precise health insights to patients, physicians and IVF specialists and enable hyper-personalized fertility treatments.

Oura delivers unique insights into daily changes in the body that are based on hormonal cycles and are very individual to every woman. These insights help Leeaf identify areas and issues that were not previously addressed but may affect treatment outcomes,” states Leeaf CEO Olga Chabr Grillova.

In support of their holistic view on female fertility and on-going research efforts in IVF, Leeaf enables patients to collect information about workout activities, heart rate, body temperature, respiratory rate and sleep through lifestyle wearables, which based on research correlate with fertility health. With this information, Leeaf creates lifestyle-enriched patient profiles to provide physicians and IVF specialists with comprehensive, whole-person insights into their patients fertility health prior to and throughout assisted reproductive treatment to help them anticipate the course of treatment and make adjustments as needed to improve treatment success.

To track daily health insights, users need to download the Leeaf mobile app and connect with their Oura wearable. As an affiliate partner, Leeaf offers a $25 discount on any OURA purchase through

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