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Aug 31, 2023
2 min read

Leeaf CEO Olga Chabr Grillova discusses women's health at Startup Disrupt panel discussion

Leeaf CEO Olga Chabr Grillova participated in the panel discussion “Female Leaders: Rise & Shine'' organized by Startup Disrupt, a renown platform connecting entrepreneurs, startup founders and technology innovators, to discuss the importance of women's health in the work space as part of their Female Leaders Prague 2023 series.

“Lifestyle factors, such as work-related stress, affect the overall wellbeing of women, their health and their fertility health. Employers need to understand this to create better work conditions for their employees. An improved work environment has been proven to elevate employee performance, making it a win-win for everyone,” states Olga.

While Leeaf focuses on guiding women through IVF treatment, the mobile app also delivers holistic support to IVF patients and serves as a knowledge hub to educate users about fertility and fertility affecting factors such as lifestyle, nutrition and exercise. Through expert-created and physician-approved content the Leeaf app proposes ways to improve the users overall health and well-being to better prepare for treatment.

“More often than not, IVF patients are in desperate need for support before, throughout and after IVF treatment. Our mobile app was designed to meaningfully guide patients through treatment by making the IVF process more transparent and knowledge readily accessible, to achieve greater adherence to treatment protocols - and better outcomes of treatment cycles” concludes Olga.

As this panel discussed women's health and well-being and focused on work life balance for women, Olga was joined by female leaders Misha Lebeda - Head of ENDO TALKS CZ, Pavlina Kvapilova - Strategy Consultant, Denisa Linhartova - Vice-Chairman of Equal Opportunities Commission, Czech Olympic Committee, and Getruda Capova - Doctor at Gepamed.

Photo credit: Startup Disrupt

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