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Sep 19, 2023
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IVF and Fertility Coach Sarah Banks joins Leeaf

Sarah Banks, certified IVF, fertility and development coach, and accomplished author behind the internationally best-selling coaching journal IVF Positivity Planner, has joined Leeaf to help patients navigate the complexities of fertility and personal development. Sarah brings a wealth of expertise and experience in IVF, fertility, and coaching to Leeaf, providing valuable insights, empowering guidance, and a wealth of knowledge to support IVF patients on their path to parenthood.

For several years, Sarah has been working in the field of fertility, raising awareness of infertility and the need for support, and has co-authored the EFS Fertility Patients Care Guidance as part of their accreditation team. Sarah provides training to fertility professionals across the world, helping them create a strong emotional support service and she runs numerous online and face to face support groups, providing much needed peer understanding and support. 

My mission is to improve the experience of IVF for those unfortunate enough to need it, and the work I do every day is working towards that - through helping clinics to improve their emotional support strategies, supporting patients with the planner and coaching, and my free support groups,” elucidates Sarah.

Through her work and personal IVF journey, Sarah has developed a deep understanding of the impact of IVF to emotional and mental health that infertility causes, and the support that is needed.

"My own personal infertility and IVF experience highlighted a huge need for more emotional support for those going through fertility treatment. After having my own IVF miracle, I knew I wanted to do something to help those who were still going through the struggle I'd been through. I retrained as a life coach because I wanted to help people make changes to help them feel better whilst TTC and going through treatment, and I set up online support groups to give people the peer support that I desperately wish I'd had,” explains Sarah.

Sarah supports Leeaf in creating meaningful content for patients on a fertility journey and ensures that Leeaf users receive the support they need throughout treatment.

Working with Leeaf is a real honour, they are working hard to improve the experience and process of IVF for patients and physicians through technology and research, working with top experts in the field of fertility to create personalised treatment plans and give patients more visibility and control over their treatment experience,” concludes Sarah.

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