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Apr 25, 2023
2 min read

Advisory Board insights - Ales Bartunek

Leeaf benefits from the support of a group of seasoned business professionals and experts, some of which have personally invested into the MedTech start-up. Ales Bartunek, who co-founded Leeaf and serves as an angel investor, played a crucial role during the company's inception in 2019. Ales elaborates on his motivation for getting involved with and financially supporting Leeaf.

Given my vast experience with highly innovative projects in banking, financial services, telecommunications and energy, I have encountered many innovative projects that had the potential to significantly transform business models in their respective fields. When Jan Choma, Leeaf Co-Founder and Co-CEO, presented me with his vision for the transformation of IVF processes, I decided to invest in Leeaf and help Jan fulfill his vision” says Ales.

Founded in 2020, Leeaf appealed to Ales for its vision to improve the conception journey and outcomes of IVF of women and men globally through the application of modern technology.

Ales explains that “Jan's project came from his personal experience of going through a long-lasting process of assisted reproductive treatment, which thankfully had a successful outcome, and his experience with the delivery of AI based cognitive solutions to the healthcare sector, specifically in the field of assisted reproduction.”

Ales invested in Leeaf early on, acknowledging the potential of the proposed solution and the impact that it may render to a widely underserved sector.

I am convinced that with the use of modern machine learning tools and elements of artificial intelligence Leeaf has the potential to contribute to the qualitative transformation of assisted reproductive treatment, to improve treatment success rates and increase the availability of treatments for the general population,” concludes Ales.

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