AI and IVF Results

Ovarian Stimulation Protocol



There have been high expectations from AI in healthcare, including IVF. However, only embryo and oocyte/sperm evaluation using artificial neural networks have proved to be somewhat viable so far. Several clinics have started to experiment also with algorithms to predict outcomes of stimulation protocol with promising results. Our aim is to explore different methods of artificial intelligence (AI) in optimizing IVF treatment regimens using objective patients data – historical and current - during the entire IVF treatment, i.e. from new patient onboarding through stimulation to ET with an automated feedback loop.




A combination of retro and prospective studies will be used. Decision supporting tool for IVF doctors which has been developed by Leeaf will be used to provide suggestions of treatment options, including stimulation protocol, with indicated success rate in a number of growing follicles, its probability and algorithm confidence. A combination of expert systems and artificial intelligence will generate suggested treatment options, followed by a doctor’s review, adjustment and confirmation. Feedback related to treatment progression as well as results will be collected by the Leeaf digital platform and patient/partner mobile application.

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