Leeaf is a data-driven fertility health platform that transforms the conception journey by delivering truly personalized fertility treatment recommendations to physicians and patients.
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The Leeaf Physician Portal

The Leeaf Physician Portal is a data-driven decision support tool that assists doctors with treatment selection and enables them to make tailored fertility treatment recommendations catering to the specific needs and unique predispositions of every single patient.
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The Leeaf Mobile App

The Leeaf mobile app digitizes the patient fertility journey in a truly accessible and transparent way and allows patients to store, access, and easily share all fertility and ART related data – anywhere, anytime.


Leeaf empowers patients

Leeaf provides a full suite of personalized and data-driven tools that allows users to make meaningful decisions on their reproductive journey.
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Leeaf enables treatment

Leeaf enables efficiency in fertility treatment selection through the digitization of core medical processes between patient and clinic.

Leeaf unlocks the power
of data and AI

Leeaf identifies patterns in patient medical and lifestyle data and makes every ART treatment personalized to increase treatment success and shorten time to conception.

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