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Jan 08, 2023
2 min read

Where are we headed in 2023?

We are starting into the new year with a grand vision, big goals and the much needed motivation to grow Leeaf into the all-encompassing fertility health platform that we envision it to become.

"Empowering fertility treatments, Leeaf is meant to enable any couple to conceive within one IVF cycle less than the current average. All of the steps we are taking are preparing our solution for this pan-ultimate goal." says Olga Chabr Grillova, Co-CEO of Leeaf and in charge of company operations as well as B2B business development, clinics and investor relationships.

In 2023, Leeaf will make it possible for users to incorporate data from lifestyle wearables into their Leeaf profile to enrich the existing pool of available health information and provide users with more valuable insights into how their lifestyle and habits affect their fertility health.

More unique content will be added to the Leeaf mobile app to offer accurate and concise fertility health information and support users in navigating their fertility journey. In partnerships with other fertility focused companies, Leeaf will incorporate additional fertility and health supporting services such as hormone charting, psychological support, personal meal planning, early pregnancy preparation and guidance. “We want to deliver holistic support to our users and make sure everybody finds exactly what they need,” adds Olga.

To support doctors and clinics in patient administration, Leeaf will be adding new features to the Leeaf Physician Portal, with a primary focus on developing a proprietary CRM system and consent management functions. Moreover, payment processing and consultation booking will be added to further digitize patient onboarding.

To contribute to the improvement of fertility treatment outcomes on a larger scale, Leeaf has dedicated much of 2022 to the design of a comprehensive prospective scientific study to verify the effectiveness of data and AI-driven treatment personalization in increasing pregnancy and take-home baby rates for infertile couples. Having successfully built the necessary technological infrastructure and assembled an international scientific board consisting of high-profile IVF experts across the Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States, “the grand vision for 2023 is to successfully complete the first prospective study with high quality data and to prove the efficacy of our algorithms and models through randomized control trials (RCT) based on the data collected,” adds Jan Choma, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Leeaf who oversees research activities and coordinates the medical and scientific boards.

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