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May 17, 2023
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Meet Prof. Ivana Oborna, M.D., PhD

Our Leeaf Scientific Board is made up of exceptional medical scholars and practitioners from across the globe who oversee our ongoing research endeavours and ensure the necessary level of expertise. Today, we are happy to introduce Prof. Ivana Oborna, M.D., PhD, member of our Leeaf Scientific Board.

Dr. Oborna, emeritus professor of medicine, gynaecologist and infertility specialist by training, joined Leeaf in 2021. Her clinical interest in reproductive medicine gradually led her to research in this field. Together with our Co-Founder and Co-CEO Jan Choma, Dr. Oborna has designed Leeaf’s prospective observational research study of biomarkers for a personalised IVF treatment. She presents Leeaf to physicians and medical professionals, and facilitatesIVF clinic cooperation and partnerships.

“Leeaf has designed a system that seeks to enhance infertility treatment through modern technology. As I am highly interested in new technologies and their potential utilisation in human reproduction, our cooperation was a perfect match” explains Dr. Oborna.

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