Lifestyle and IVF Results

Lifestyle Changes Initiated and Tracked through Women‘s Wearables and Their Impact on IVF Results



Lifestyle changes, like optimization of BMI, right addition of vitamins, micronutrients and other food supplements, elimination of smoking or coping with stress (not the stress itself), have been proved to be associated with IVF results. Unexplained infertility represents about 30% of cases and the population of women over 40 or those with POR / POF represents 25% and is growing. Our aim is to collect lifestyle, health, activity and women data through broadly available wearables of both women and their partners and search for correlations of lifestyle with IVF results and if proved, to develop intervention methods using the latest technologies with an automated feedback loop enabled by the Leeaf platform.




Prospective study on patients undergoing IVF treatment while using personal wearables will be used. Collection of all kinds of data will be performed by Leeaf platform and patient/partner mobile application in combination with clinical data from EMRs. Obtained data, recent scientific findings and AI tools will be applied to identify correlations and in cooperation with IVF experts, causalities will be determined.

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