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Leeaf Life
Mar 16, 2023
2 min read

Investors' insights - Jachym Petrik

Striving to develop an expert software tool that empowers fertility treatments and supports patients on an artificial reproduction journey to successfully conceive, Leeaf has attracted the attention of investors from various backgrounds, including Jachym Petrik, pre-seed investor and partner at Arrows ETL Global.

The current state of assisted reproductive technology (ART) and the patient experience above all are simply inadequate."

Leeaf appealed to Jachym promptly, both for its mission to positively impact the conception journey by delivering tailored fertility treatment recommendations to doctor and patient based on big data analysis and algorithmization, and for improving the lives of millions of women and men around the world who desire to have and raise children.

An estimated 15% of people are expected to face conception issues with 48.5 million couples and 186 million individuals globally experiencing infertility. Parallely, the standard of living has been rising and has increased the number of couples who can attain IVF treatment in terms of economic power. Women’s healthcare presents a great opportunity for value creation and the business opportunity associated with the growing interest in assisted reproduction is undeniable,” says Jachym.

Investing in Leeaf as part of the pre-seed phase in mid-2020 made a lot of sense to Jachym economically and in terms of global scalability. Having previously invested in companies for pure economic opportunism (fin-tech, legal-tech, prop -tech), Jachym wanted to realize himself in impact investing and make the world a better place - to whichever extent possible.

Leeaf was founded in 2020 by Jan Choma, successful entrepreneur and business leader with a background in the delivery of AI based cognitive solutions to the healthcare sector.

“Jan's clear vision and background in AI played an important part in the speed at which Leeaf was able to move forward from the very beginning. The journey has been nothing short of impressive” praises Jachym.

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