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Mar 03, 2023
2 min read

Fertility nutritionist Linda Korcakova joins Leeaf

Meet Linda Korcakova, accomplished nutritionist, lecturer and nurse with 28 years of experience in healthcare and 15 years of experience of private consulting for healthy eating, weight reduction and nutritional supplementation.

Acknowledging the manifold factors affecting fertility health and conception, Linda has joined Leeaf to support users on their fertility journey through nutritional counseling. Linda prepares recipes and meal plans that focus on a balanced and nutrition-rich diet to ensure that the body is optimally nourished before, throughout and after conception.

Diet and nutrition have a vast effect on overall health, mental well-being and reproduction. One should be mindful about what they eat, particularly in preparation for conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Linda attended the Higher Vocational Medical School in Prague and the Palestra College of Physical Education and Sports, as well as she has undergone further training in health management and nutritional counseling. Linda has collected extensive hands-on experience working at health centres across Prague, and has last worked at the Centre of Reproductive Medicine at Next Fertility Prague before settling at a private nutrition clinic.

Apart from nutritional recommendations, Linda also designs exercise plans focused on the pelvic floor, exercises hormonal yoga, and provides lymphatic drainage for detoxification as a means of health prevention and stress reduction. She teaches mindfulness techniques, and provides education and care support for patients with special medical needs in gastroenterology.

Download Leeaf to enjoy Linda's fertility boosting recipes and prepare your body for conception!

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